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Get Involved From Your Couch: The Food Revolution 2013 Summit

Foodies, health-nuts, and herbivores unite! The Food Revolution 2013 Summit is only three days away. The summit starts this Saturday at 8 am PDT. Hosted by John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution and Diet for a New America, as well as by his son Ocean Robbins, CEO of The Food Revolution Network. The summit features interviews with 24 leading experts in  the health field. Some of the participants include Rip Esselstyn, creator of the Engine Number 2 Diet, Dr. Neal Barnard who was featured in the film Forks Over Knives, and wellness-activist Kris Carr, who wrote Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

As a closet health nerd, I could not be more excited about the opportunity to learn more from these experts. I’ve been on a documentary-watching-kick lately, which is fueled both by my curiosity about our food industry, how to stay healthy, and how to eat kindly. The interviews from the summit, will take care of all three of those topics and many more.

The summit is completely free. If you sign up (sign up here ), you will have access to three interviews per day, which are available for 24 hours following each of the interviews. The summit takes place from April 27th to May 2nd and you don’t even have to leave your couch to participate. Has anyone else joined in on the summit or participated in the last summit?

**Just a tip – if you do sign up, make sure to check your spam folder for summit-related e-mails, as one I received went to spam.

On another note, I’ve also signed up for the May 2013 Virtual Vegan Potluck, which features vegan recipes by vegan and vegan-friendly bloggers. I’m excited to be making an appetizer for the potluck and I can’t wait to see what other amazing vegan recipes show up at the potluck. In the past, Somer, of Vedged Out, has made macacdamia nut brie en croute (her blog is awesome if you haven’t already checked it out) and Alexander’s, of In Vegetables We Trust, much talked-about recipe for roasted rainbow carrot salad (his blog is also fantastic and has many drool-worthy recipes). If you’re a blogger who is interested in participating, sign up here. The potluck goes live on May 12th so stay tuned for some delicious vegan recipes!


Any Book Recommendations?

books books and more books

I admit it, I’m a nerd. I still love going to the library as much now, as I did when I was a kid (maybe even more so). For me, the library is the key to unlocking a reserve of interesting words just waiting to be brought home. This past week, I took home quite a few books, including Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules” and Alicia Silverstone’s book “The Kind Diet.” I’m ready to start doing some reading on how to go about my new vegan lifestyle, the healthy way. Do you have any must read book recommendations about healthy living or cooking/eating vegan? I’m always looking for new reading material, but any documentary recommendations are welcome too! I absolutely loved Forks Over Knives and am always hunting for interesting health-related eye-opening films.

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