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Cinnamon Raisin Popcorn (and possibly my new food addiction)

Cinnemon Raisin Popcorn

If patience isn’t a quality you pride yourself on having, then making popcorn the old-fashioned way may not be for you. I’ve always been one of those antsy people waiting in line, only wanting to be out of line. I’m also guilty of being a slightly worse version of myself when hunger creeps up on me and there are no snacks in sight.

As you can imagine, when I was waiting for this popcorn to pop, it  felt like I was a kid waiting for summer vacation to arrive a few days before school ended. All I wanted to do was somehow help the popcorn along to start that magical popping process.

Instead, I just waited. Let me tell you, while you are waiting for your popcorn to pop you can get a lot done. This is the upside of it taking a while for the popcorn to begin popping in the first place. You can wash your dishes, make your bed, work out your abs, or possibly even look up the science behind why popcorn pops (believe it or not there is water in that little kernel). I will admit to washing the dishes, but I didn’t look up how popcorn pops or workout my abs (mainly because that is my least favorite area to workout). I didn’t have that much time. Maybe next time.

In any event, all that waiting was so worth it. This cinnamon raisin popcorn was lightly buttery with undertones of cinnamon. Sugar-coated raisins peeked out through the pieces of popcorn. It was so good, I may even go make more now.

Cinnamon Raisin Popcorn: 

*Makes about 3 cups of popcorn (which is enough for 2 if you’re willing to share)


1 tsp of virgin coconut oil (refined will work too)

1/8 cup of popcorn kernels

2 tsp of imitation butter spread, melted (I used Earth Balance coconut spread)

2 tsp of pure maple syrup

1/4 tsp of cinnamon

1/8 – 1/4 cup of raisins


1- Add the coconut oil to a frying pan. Put one kernel of corn in the pan when the coconut oil melts. Then put the top on and the waiting game begins. When the kernel finally pops add the rest of the kernels in and shake the pan back and forth while the other kernels start popping. Take it off the heat as soon as you stop hearing the kernels pop.

2- Melt the imitation butter and then add the cinnamon, sugar, and raisins to it. Mix well and then pour the sugar-raisin combination on top of the popcorn and toss until all of the kernels have been coated. The raisins will want to sink to the bottom, so make sure to sprinkle them on top.

You will not regret making this popcorn dessert/snack, unless you’ve become addicted to eating it, like me. In case you missed my other post on almond joy popcorn, find it here. Another delicious choice. What is your favorite way to season popcorn?


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